Preseason Pool Camp

The open water throws out a whole new world of required techniques and we will build a solid framework from our pool in Leigh-on-Sea helping you to improve times and distances and boosting confidence. 

A full 2 hours of tuition and groups of just 5 ensure individual feedback.

Throughout you will develop your complete range of open water swimming skills, increasingly pushing boundaries on route to becoming an Advanced Open Water Swimmer. 

Availability – £47 ALL DATES SOLD OUT

9th March 7pm
22nd March 7pm
30th March 7pm

Who’s it for?

Designed for the intermediate, aspirational or active athletes looking to compete at their own highest level and in search for technical improvements, stroke tweeking and to gain valuable experience and extra knowledge leading up to that next event.

What you get?

Receive stroke technique analysis through video playback helping you obtain the most efficient position in the water.

We drill down essential efficiency gains invaluable for the open water. We will look at body position, breathing and the propulsion phase of your stroke. 

We’ll dive into my “Five 5ths Rule” of any Open Water swim where you’ll prepare your expectations through thorough self examination and learn to understand emotional control.

You will have assistance with race planning, fuelling, and all other aspects of performance. 

Learn detailed breath retention skills and master alternative breathing styles and techniques suited to the open water.

On top of that we will also integrate stroke management conditioning, gaining understanding of stroke efficiency and cadence discrepancies. 

Will work on sighting, understand what does “being out of breath” mean to you, introduce you to “the lazy breath arm” and ensure you start to actually “thinking about your swimming”

After 2 hours you’ll come away with videos, your own tick list along with pool session plan ideas to do in your own time enabling you to hone those new skills and experiences ready for race day. 

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