Fast Track Front Crawl

Have you just started trying to swim front crawl? Maybe you’ve never got your head around the stroke but really want to nail it? Well you’re not alone. In fact, plenty of swimmers are in the same position. 

A full 2 hours of tuition and groups of just 5 ensure individual feedback where you will learn how to swim front crawl with the foundation for a relaxed, efficient and effective stroke gaining skills with which to approach the next phase of your swimming journey.

Availability – £47 SOLD OUT

15th March 7pm
23nd March 7pm
5th April 7pm

Who’s it for?

  • Worn out in minutes when all you want is just to swim and swim with comfort and relaxation
  • Learn the art of breathing when swimming front crawl
  • Struggling to make the transition from breaststroke
  • New to front crawl and wants to improve
  • Getting frustrated with lack of progress
  • Sore back is shortening your time in the water
  • Dipper or bobber keen to try something different
  • Someone who wants results fast
  • Want to swim further, fastest and significantly easier
  • Learn how to breathe comfortably and efficiently

What you get?

Small group environment set in a beautiful private pool in Leigh-on-sea provides exclusive personalised instruction. This allows your progression to be monitored more closely than being part of a large group so feedback is provided frequently and individualised. 

We will focus on learning and developing the following key areas of front crawl: 

Breathing – Legs – Arms – Timing – Body Position

This course is designed to give you a solid and intensive grounding of front crawl using rapid learning techniques.

This opportunity is open to all swimmers and is designed for those new to the sport or looking to advance.

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