Breathing Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach you how to breathe easily and effectively in the water. You will develop a strong foundation, gaining invaluable knowledge and the skills with which to approach the next phase of your swimming journey.

Availability – £47 SOLD OUT

8th March 7pm
16th March 7pm
29th March 7pm
  • Getting frustrated with lack of progress 
  • Fearful of falling off your SUP. 
  • Sore back is shortening your time in the water
  • Becoming worn out in minutes when all you want is just to swim and swim with comfort and relaxation
  • Want to enjoy the freedom to just “jump in” for fun without getting a noseful
  • Want to transition from “heads up” to “heads in” breaststroke
  • Dipper or bobbing and keen to try something different
  • Want to enjoy the holiday pool
  • Want to level up in the pool or progress towards an efficient front crawl
  • See what’s below the waves as well as on top
  • No more floundering or panic attacks

Small group environment set in a beautiful private pool provides exclusive personalized instruction. This allows your progression to be monitored more closely than being part of a large group so feedback is provided frequently and individualized. 

This opportunity is open to all swimmers and is designed for those new to the sport or looking to advance.

Breathing or just being comfortable with your head in the water can be beneficial for life long participation in water activities. However not being taught how to breathe correctly and manage yourself under water can be one of the biggest barriers to progression.

Take your swimming and general enjoyment of the water to the next level and don’t let the fear of the unknown be a barrier to progression. Whatever your goals, this workshop is the springboard for you.

Location – Leigh-on-sea

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