Sea swimming raises a whole range of issues in the mind. You may be comfortable in a pool, however feel nervous and unsettled in the sea. You may have specific fears such as, tides, weeds, waves, unknown depth, hidden dangers, jellyfish or just an unquantifiable unease in a new environment. Get started from just £167

The transition from pool swimming to open water is not simply a matter of being aware of the dangers of open water and being a competent swimmer. Some swimmers are fully aware of the issues and happy to proceed. Others are prepared to give it a go but are completely unaware of the dangers. Others however, can be fearful about the real and imaginary dangers to the point of never entering the open water at all.

Learning just a few tips and key skills can make the difference between discomfort, floundering or panic, and having an enjoyable experience. These include knowledge of the bodies reaction to cool water, how to enter the water safely and navigation. Some skills, such as acclimatisation and sighting, are relevant for both recreational swimmers and those who want to compete in an event.

Beginners and non-swimmers

This program is designed for non-swimmers and swimmers alike. Breastrokers looking to swim front crawl. Mastering a skill. Developing effective sustainable breathing techniques all within the controlled pool environment. Tried and tested methods ensure any fears are overcome and the transition to an efficient front crawl or more relaxed breaststroke is swift without compromising your comfort. You will soon be doing length after length and progression is the focus and after every session you are given homework which speeds up the process so we can get you in the sea as soon as possible and on your way to achieving your goals.

Intermediate and advanced swimmers

Competing athletes looking for technical improvements alongside gaining valuable experience leading up to that next open water event. We will spend some time in the pool where we will drill down some essential efficiency gains invaluable for the open water. Together we will look at body position, breathing and the propulsion phase of your stroke. Alongside our work in the pool we will be out in the sea honing those new skills in real life scenarios. The Open water throws open a whole new world of required techniques and each session we will build upon the framework developed from the pool improving times and distances whilst boosting confidence building through higher level experience.