Bespoke coaching

All sessions are on a 1-2-1 basis progressing as a team. We work hard, advancement is swift, and whatever your needs, ambitions and goals we will reach them together.

Whether your motivation is a personal challenge, a desire to exercise outside or just a wish to increase your fitness and meet new people together we will make sure any fears and panics are addressed. Coaching you on how to deal with them in a safe way, and learn to see open water swimming for the fun it is. Oh and along the way making new friends.

There are a variety of bespoke courses specifically designed for all ages, abilities and requirements suitable for all tastes. Bespoke programs that are designed for you. No two swimmers are identical so no course is the same. I cater for everyone wherever they are on their open water journey. Mastering front crawl in the pool or looking to conquer their first Ironman distance sea swim.

Take your swimming to the next level with bespoke coaching

Bespoke coaching gives you the opportunity to develop your complete range of open water swimming skills, increasingly pushing boundaries on route to becoming an advanced open water swimmer.

  • Private sessions
  • Access higher level swim locations
  • Goal setting and fulfilment grading
  • Scenario planning & resilience training
  • Comprehensive overview of safety, time and tides
  • Elevated experiences boosting technical abilities and increased confidence levels

First timers and improvers

For the complete newbie or someone looking to improve we will look at Open Water confidence, assisting you in overcoming any fears you may have along with relaxation and breathing techniques vital for long term comfort and overcoming panic. We will deal with water temperature acclimatisation, wetsuit fitting, Open Water equipment and educating you on tides and times safety. Oh and making the seemingly impossible possible! Swimming in a straight line through an efficient sighting technique. This list is not exhaustive and whatever your requirements a bespoke program can be manufactured for you.

Intermediate, advanced and competitive swimmers

For the advanced simmers we look at drafting, buoy turns, pack swimming and sighting helping you gain an advantage over your rivals. We will also analyse your technique helping you obtain the most efficient body position, maintaining effective breathing and maximising propulsion.

We will detail breath retention skills and master alternative breathing styles and techniques suited to the open water. On top of that we will also integrate stroke management conditioning, gaining understanding of wave pattern alignment, stroke efficiency and cadence discrepancies.

Together we will prepare your expectations, learn to understand emotional control in the open water and plot progress through performance gains. We will also dive into my “Five 5ths Rule” of any Open Water swim.